Who’s Seano?

Sean Fagan wears many hats as the Artistic Director of Circus Theatricks, introducing young people of all ages to circus, theatre, and the visual arts in school programs, summer camps, after-school enrichment settings, and private coaching. When not teaching, he keeps a full schedule as a variety arts performer, working on stage, television, and the occasional feature film. A former Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus clown, Sean’s “theatricks” include a wide range of ground skills proficiency, including juggling, slapstick, pratfalls, stilt-walking, unicycle, rolling globe, rola-bola, tumbling, partner acrobatics, magic and more!

Seano worked for many years in South Florida where he had the opportunity to study with José Quintero, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Burt Reynolds. Their guidance and encouragement led him to relocate to New York City where he spent ten years working in the business. Since 2001, Seano has called the Capital Region of New York State home. He continues to work at many of the professional and community theatres in the area.

Early in his career he discovered his niche: “family entertainment and education through the arts.” He’s honored to have worked with the Walt Disney Organization, Nickelodeon JR. Television, and the national and international theatrical tours of Scholastic’s Magic School Bus Live. He has performed at the International Children’s Arts Festival in Singapore, on the streets in Holland, and at the Golden Week Family Festival in Liuzhou, China.